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Double Deuce

Agent Deuce

One of the co-founders of Tossing Deuces. Believes Joe Mauer’s middle name is really Quagmire, the Vikings will win a Super Bowl in his lifetime, and that Kevin Love is under-rated.  Has a fascination with SLOBS and BLOBS, and thinks the Annexation of Puerto Rico is the greatest play ever to be ran on a football field.  Brags about his Madden On-Line ranking, and can’t stand when baseball players wear Tweeners.

Henny G Legs

Henny G Legs

Co-founder and epic idea guy behind TossingDeuces.com. Contributor that finds himself wondering if he was the Wolves GM would they win 32 games in one year instead of two? If Vikings gave the ball to Adrian Peterson on every play would he score 100 TD’s? If Joe Mauer batted right handed would he hit more home runs? If Tubby Smith ever thought of running an in-bounds play? If I will be able to watch a Wild game and write an article on them? – Don’t count on it!!

Dirty Niner


Dirty Niner

Dirty Niner grew up a rabid Minnesota fan, chopping wood with his father on Saturday mornings listening to Ray Christensen call the games on WCCO.  Years later in a Parade Stadium 7 on 7 football league, he intercepted childhood hero Ricky Foggie in the endzone.  Surrendering his Vikings fan membership in favor of the Philadelphia Eagles, has proved to be much more enjoyable. Believes Twins can win w/o a CC type Ace pitcher, and they will play in World Series again before he dies.  A fan all sports, especially with a drink in hand, Dirty Niner spends free time obsessing on rookie NFL prospects, playing amateur baseball and broomball, chasing three small children, and hoping some other team will beat the Yankees so his Twins can advance beyond the first round.

The Coach
A writer and contributor to Tossing Deuces from its opening day.


Pull Tab King

A writer and contributor to TossingDeuces.com

Pull Tab King

Meat Hook

Monster Deucer

Monster Deucer

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