Our Founding Story

“Our Founding Story” by Agent 2


On September 10st, 2011 TossingDeuces.com officially opens as an up and running central source of sports and culture for Minnesota and the upper Midwest.   This site is designed to be a one-stop shop for links to all the area coverage.  Each morning there will be a Daily Dose of links for area beat writers so that you don’t have to chase down website after website looking for coverage.  It will all be located in one area.  Secondly, we have a staff of writers that will publish articles every day in a variety of forms.  We’ll let the professional beat writers write the professional articles while we write in a variety of forms such as email battles, dairies, numbered lists, YouTube clips, and much more.  The effort will be there to be funny or obscene or controversial or disturbing, and hopefully a combination of all the above.


Theories abound as to how the name of this website, TossingDeuces, came to be…

Theory Uno —  Combo  of “Forget the Curveball, Give ‘em the heater ricky!” and “the Year of Bert Blyleven”

The Deuce.  The Curveball.  Was there ever any better two Tosser’s of the Deuce?  Ricky Wild Thing Vaughn and Bert Blyleven.  Enjoy the encore from Lou Brown as well.

Theory Dos —   Meta World Peace is my homeboy

The Deuce equals peace.  But I just don’t see Meta World Peace, formerly the artist known as Ron Artest, as the reason for this site or even a spokesman.  But we love his peaceful ways and hope to see him tossing deuces on the regular.

Theory Tres –  MN Athlete Hooks Up and Tosses Deuces

This story is a favorite of many of the staffers, however no one can confirm nor deny that this is where the name comes from.  It goes a little something like this….

Wednesday night in Minneapolis.  An attractive female and her group of friends are out enjoying the night life.  Said attractive female is approached by a pair of local MN athletes.  After some mingling and cocktails, said female goes back to MN Athlete’s home.  Upon arriving at home and both sitting on the couch, MN Athlete gets right to the point with no dancing around.  He says “no kissing tonight.  Just give me a blow job”.  Thrown off a bit by his bluntness, she eventually decides she likes the guy and why not.  After the deed was done, MN Athlete thanks her and tells her to have a good night.  She grabs her stuff and heads for the door slightly unsure about what just transpired.  MN Athlete grabs his PlayStation controller and powers it up, then turns to attractive female as she walks out the door and says “Thanks Nicole”.  Then he throws up the peace sign to her and says “Deuces” in an enthusiastic and emphatic way that really only this athlete could do.  And by the way, her name wasn’t Nicole….like that mattered.  “DEUCES!”


3 Responses to Our Founding Story

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  2. Ryan says:

    Theory tres sounds a little bit fabricated. But, if I was a betting man I’d say it was Danny valencia in uptown. “Deuces”!!!

  3. Ellis says:

    No way it is Valencia.

    I would go with Joe Nathan or Bernard Berrian.

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