Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/12 Edition

Your dose of links for Saturday…


1 — Gophers.  Hoops.  “Gophers find their mark, catch Bucknell near finish“.  A 70-58 win in the opener.  It wasn’t pretty, but the Gophers got the job done.

2 — Gophers.  Football.  “Gophers, Badgers battle for Paul Bunyon’s Axe Saturday“.  This will be the litmus test for the year on the Gophers.  How much has Kill turned this program around this year?  How much has Gray grown at QB?  Will Wisconsin run the score up?

3 — Vikings.  Stadium.  “Wilfs renew push for Arden Hills“.  Arden Hills will not happen, and this has all become such a political game.  The stadium is going to happen, and it is going at the Farmers Market location in Minneapolis.  There will be no new taxes to come up with the money, because Block E Casino is going to be the base of what the city contributes.  Enough of these games, let’s just get it done.

4 — Twins.  Baseball.  “Carroll part of bleak Minnesota Winter“.  Twins sign Jamey Carroll to play shortstop.  2 years, 7 million.  Good article here on the lack of attention to the shortstop position for the Twins.


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