Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/2 Edition

Your morning cup of links….


1 — Vikings Stadium.  “Dayton rejects stadium sales tax”.  Alot of people were alarmed yesterday and are assuming the Vikings are gone to L.A.  I hold the opposite opinion.  I think this was a great thing for the Vikings to stay in Minnesota.  I will break this down later today, but this sets up the Block E Casino and Farmers Market location.

2 — Gophers. Basketball.  Opener.  “Tubby’s Gophers prove to be a work in progress“.   A rough game, with some bright spots, but the holes in this team are glaring.  Struggle to shoot outside and at the free throw line, and need a third guy to step up and join Mbakwe and Sampson.

3 — Twins.  Free Agency.  “Twins should focus their efforts on pitching“.   The Twins have many holes.  They need to shore up their pitching, and this article is right, it is most important.

4 — Twins.  Free Agency.  An even better article by Phil Mackey of ESPN1500.com, “What to watch for”.

5 — Wild.  “Devin Setoguchi’s OT goal; Josh Harding’s goaltending held lift Wild“.

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