The Cage :: 10/29

Game 1 : Iowa visits Minnesota, and finds themselves 16 point favorites.

Agent Deuce:  Hard not to take the Hawkeyes here.  What have the Gophers proven otherwise to take them?  I do think this is the Gophers bowl game of the year, and they could come out extra fired up.  In the end, I see the Hawkeyes winning by three scores.  I’m not a believer in Kill, or atleast waiting for a sign.  No sign today.

Game 2 : Vikings travel to Caroliina, and the Panthers are 4 point favorites.

Agent Deuce:  This spread is right on.  Expect this to be a field goal game.  I think both rookie quarterbacks are going to have a turn in the final minutes to win the game and drive their teams down the field.  Have to give the edge to the Panthers and Cam Newton.  Panthers win by 7.  Ponder almost pulls over huge comeback.


What’s your picks?

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2 Responses to The Cage :: 10/29

  1. Dirty Niner says:

    The Hawkeyes are pissed! Last year Floyd was stolen by a vastly inferior Golden Gopher team, and they have no plans on letting him stay in Minneapolis when the bus pulls out of town this evening. That being said, the Hawkeyes have lost 4 consecutive road games and while the Gophers have not covered in a loooooonnnnnngggg time, today is their time. Take the Gophers plus 16 and watch them lose by 15.

    Vikings in Carolina… Cam Newton is probably licking his chops, watch for Steve Smith to terrorize the Vikings (again) and this one won’t be as close as last week. Carolina has had all week to gameplan for Ponder, and I expect confusion. Panthers -4.

  2. J.A. says:

    Iowa is the obvious choice here. I would be a millionaire if I bet against the Gophers covering like I preach week after week.

    One of the Vkings last winnable games of the season besides MAYBE the Broncos at home. They looked semi-inspired against the Pack last week. I will give them ONE last chance and go with the Vikings +4.

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