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The easy pick for this Viking fan should be Christian Ponder after his solid debut as the starter. I’m going to go another way with making Adrian Peterson this weeks GOOD. With 24 carries and 175 yards rushing Adrian showed why he’s the best guy to hand the football off to in the league. The Packers were forced to stack the box on every play and this allowed our young inexperienced quarterback to get better throwing opportunities. Also adding his 8th touchdown of the year he’s well on his way to surpassing last years total of 13. As long as Adrian’s around Ponder’s transition as a NFL quarterback will be a little bit easier.



With the arrest of Chris Cook and Antoine Winfield being inactive this weeks BAD was the Viking’s Secondary. I realize that this secondary was going up against one of the NFL’s best passers and had little time to prepare, other then Cedric Griffen, since Cook had been arrested Friday. It was ridiculous that on almost every pass thrown a packer stood alone and had plenty of room to maneuver for more yardage. Over and over the ball would be thrown and a Viking wouldn’t even be in the screen. You guys are  professionals and should have prepared better even though you’re not a regular starter. I’m not excited about 6 incomplete passes during a course of a game where your pass rushers were getting decent pressure. We can’t keep drafting corners and safeties that don’t pan out.



With a foot to the groin of T.J. Lang, offensive lineman of the Packers, Brian Robison wins this weeks UGLY. Nobody likes a groin kicker, it’s the lowest of low moves. There maybe nothing worse to do to a male physically. Robison will get fined for this but worst of all he now is labeled a “Cheap Shot Artist.” Be careful, what goes around comes around and you still play the Packers one more

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