Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/25 Edition

Your morning cup of links….

1 — MLB.  World Series.  Napoli’s heroics put Rangers up 3-2.  Feels hard to get into baseball right now, however, this World Series has been outstanding.  Can the Cardinals win two in a row?

2 — MNF.  Jaguars upset the Ravens.  12-7.  Many people tuned in for fantasy football reasons, as many stars were playing….MJD, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, Anquan Boldin, and the Ravens defense.  Ugly game.  Jag’s pull it off.  Huge win. Shows you that the golden rule of wagering is you always take the home team underdog on MNF remains true.

3 — Vikings Stadium.  Minneapolis jumps into stadium talks.  It is hard to follow exactly what is going on here.  So many plans have come out in the last week.  Sounds like crunch time is the week of Thanksgiving and our government seems to only work on a deadline.  This will be interesting to follow.

4 — HS Sports.  The one sport athlete.  Great short article on “not playing year-round keeps football special“. Kids need to play multiple sports and stop specializing.  Parents can’t hear this message enough.   Football playoffs game 1 tonight.

5 — Gopher Basketball.  Tubby Smith has lost his mind, officially.  The #1 issue with this entire program is that he goes for long and athletic and forgets he needs shooters.  Yes, he has had Blake Hoffbarber the last four years, who is one of the best shooters in Gopher history.  However, that is the only guy.  No one else can spread the floor.  And he’s gone now.  Then he comes out and says “I think it’s the best shooting group I’ve had in a long time”.  Read the article here:  “Smith confident he has shooters“.  Freshmen better shoot it because look at the returning player numbers from last year:  Totals 47-196 .240.

6 —  Video of the Day.  Wait for the ref to tell you the penalty.


7 — Tweet of the Day.

Buster Olney

@Buster_ESPN Buster Olney
A Ranger player about Napoli, after all TEX players heard Carp scream at him: “I guess he had the last word.”

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