Vikings lead NFL in arrests…

This story is hard to believe, and we’ll check the facts on it, but worth sharing for now and you deciding on your own.  The recent arrest of cornerback Chris Cook put the Vikings on top as the #1 team with the most arrests since 2000.

This story comes out in bad timing as the governor is working hard to get a Vikings Stadium Plan on the floor to be voted on by Thanksgiving.

Read the story here:

“Minnesota Vikings Now #1 Arrested Team in the NFL” by

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5 Responses to Vikings lead NFL in arrests…

  1. Ed Kohler says:

    My source for that data was Sign On San Diego, a news site in SD that’s been tracking NFL arrests since 2000. As of last week, Cincinnati and MN were tied. Then Cook put the Vikings in the lead by strangling a woman.

  2. Ed, great article. Made the Sports Radio station rounds here in Minnesota already. I’m currently checking with a team official to see if it’s accurate to their records.

    My comment on “hard to believe” is that when you think of arrests, I think one’s mind likely goes right to Cincinnati not Minnesota.

  3. TexasPurple says:

    Best part of Cookgate is he was still in jail for the game. Coach didn’t have the choice of him playing or not. Chad Stinco would’ve been out and on the sidelines atleast.

  4. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…..

    Congrats to Cook for putting the Vikings over the top. At least we are first in the NFL in something.

  5. I’m not worried. Somethings bound-to-go-a-stray in Cincinnati very soon as long as they have Cedric Benson.

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