Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/24 Edition

Your daily dose of links….


1 — Vikings.  A plethora of Vikings storys.  What an exciting game!  Vikings almost pull off the upset.  The new rookie qb looks very promising.  Adrian has a big day.  Dome was rocking.

  • “Vikings throw scare into Packers“.  The Vikings 435 offensive yards were a season high.
  • Franchise wakes up to a new day at QB“.  Souhan from the Star Trib writes about the new Ponder Era.  As he says, for a first start, it was a good start.
  • Is Bernard Berrian in his final week as a Viking“.  Inactive on Sunday.  Coaches decision.  Well said line from the Star Trib blog “If Berrian has indeed come to the end of the road here in Minnesota, the team’s dogged pursuit of him in free agency a few years back will be remembered as one of the more regrettable personnel moves in recent memory.”
  • Frazier’s decision to punt with 2:30 left was the right one“.  I listened to KFAN Fan Line on the way home, and its usually full of rubes who don’t know football all too well.  Or perhaps let their emotions get the best of them.  A number of callers were mad the Vikings punted in the end.  To those people, you don’t get football.  With 3 timeouts and the two minute warning you basically give yourself the chance to get the ball back twice versus going for it on 4th and 10 from your own 36 yard line.  No brainer.
  • “Report:  Vikings benched Donovan McNabb for poor work ethic”.  This report came up Sunday morning from Lombardi at the NFL Network.  Kurt Warner texted McNabb, and McNibbles denies the report.  I don’t have any doubts that this is completely true.
  • From ESPN1500, “Packers’ big 3rd quarter sinks Vikings“.  Simply put, the Vikings got out played and out coached in the third quarter.  It cost them the game.  Something needs to change about this 3rd quarter performances all year long.  The Vikings have been outscored 70-13 this year in the 3rd quarter!
  • From VOX of the Vikings Paul Allen on his show page, “Vikings lose bits and boredom“.  PA points out the great play of Everson Griffin, who I think we will see alot more of the remainder of the season.  This guy can play.

2 — Gophers.  Football.  Pick which article you want to read.  They are basically all the same.  Gophers lose bad.  Kill blames players and past coach.  Fans are confused.  Gophers lose bad. Kill believes they are improving.  Gophers lose bad.

Gophers insider: Optimism is a survivor

Minneapolis Star Tribune – Phil Miller – ‎10 hours ago‎
“It’s one of the great things about college football,” Kill said. “You never know each Saturday who’s going to win.” Are the Gophers, who showed flickers of improvement against Nebraska, up to another late-season resurrection? “Once we settled down and

Gophers, QB show they are a work in progress

Minneapolis Star Tribune – Michael Rand – ‎22 hours ago‎
MarQueis Gray, though erratic and tentative at times Saturday, showed glimmers of great potential in the second half. Gophers quarterback MarQueis Gray, left, fumbled the ball that was recovered by Nebraska and run in for a touchdown in the first half.

Kill admits right call was made on fumble

Minneapolis Star Tribune – Phil Miller – ‎22 hours ago‎
But the football doesn’t always bounce the way the rule intends. That’s why Aaron Green’s forward fumble turned a broken play into a first down that broke the spirit of the Gophers defense. On fourth-and-1 from the Gophers 13 midway through the first

Kill: I’m more counselor than coach

Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog) – ‎Oct 23, 2011‎
Even Kill said his primary job right now isn’t football. It’s counseling. “Right now, I’m doing less coaching and more mental support for our players than anything,” he said. “It’s tough right now for the kids, but we are improving and everyone is

Scoggins: ‘Another day at the office’

Minneapolis Star Tribune – Chip Scoggins – ‎Oct 22, 2011‎
The Nebraska Cornhuskers played one good half of football Saturday. That’s all that was required. The rest was just an exercise in clock-killing and an opportunity to practice in an actual game setting. The Huskers’ 41-14 victory against the Gophers at

Reusse: U defense shows effort, but results don’t follow

Minneapolis Star Tribune – Patrick Reusse – ‎Oct 22, 2011‎
Kill was asked how a team can expect to compete in big-time football with one dimension on offense. “I don’t think we’re that one-dimensional,” he said. “It’s not that we want to pass for 9 yards in a half. What we need to do is keep getting better

Huskers trounce Gophers

Minneapolis Star Tribune – Phil Miller – ‎Oct 22, 2011‎
Nebraska is a physical, tough football team, Kill added, but “we didn’t get physically manhandled.” Maybe not, but they absorbed an awful lot of punishment. Nebraska rushed for 346 yards, an average of more than 6 yards per carry, while Minnesota
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