The Cage :: Writers Picks 10/22

Two games to pick for this weekend.

College Football:

Nebraska Cornhuskers travel to the Minnesota Gophers.  Gophers are underdogs, +23.5.

Pro Football:

The Green Bay Packers travel to the Minnesota Vikings.  Vikings are underdogs, +9.

Here are the writers picks for these two games:

The Coach

Nebraska to Dominate:
There is nothing that tells me history, short term and long term, will not repeat itself when it comes to the Udder Domination of the Corn Fed Reds over our Gophers. This will be ugly.  Not even Homecoming can help the U cover the spread this week.
Nebraska 59, Minnesota 9

Vikings to Cover
Yes, I said that correctly. Here is why:
1) nothing like a line up shake up to rejuvenate the Purple and provide game planning frustration for the Packahs.
2) Our defense is pissed after last weeks loss and they will come to play. Plus, they are a more effective group inside the Dome.
3). This is a Divisional Rivalry game at home. The Purple usually competes no matter what in these type of games. They didn’t last year vs the Pack and that too will provide extra motivation.

Green Bay 23, Minnesota 14 ( I said they would cover!)

The Dirty Niner

1983- one year before the setting of George Orwell’s classic Sci-Fi thriller, Minnesota fans must have felt the presence of Big Brother watching. In a season where the Golden Gophers would allow 50+ points six times, the highlight reel above displays the worst beating, an 84-13 loss to Big Red. If you have 8 minutes, it’s worth the view – if only for the play Irving Fryar takes an option pitch to the house. Watch for other great old school names in there too!

Take the Huskers. This years Gopher squad is reminiscent of that 1983 version.  23.5 points is a gift. Oh- and we get to watch it on ABC! I wonder if I can spend three hours at Lowes?

What I love most about the Vikings – Packers rivalry is that it’s not even a big deal to Green Bay and Wisconsin fans. Their biggest rival is the Bears. Vikings biggest rival is the Packers.  I’m thinking Viking fan is missing something there…

Ponder’s debut, Pack flying high and undefeated, purple missing pieces on defense, ouch. Packers -10- hell I’ll go Packers -12, two touchdowns.



If you go with the Gophers at this point in the season you are an idiot.


If you go with the Vikings at thus point in the season you are an idiot.

Henny G Legs

Nebraska -23.5
I will be enjoying this game from 4 rows up on the Gopher sideline. Enjoying is probably the wrong word since Nebraska will move the ball with ease and enjoy a multitude of three and outs on the defensive side. Gopher’s will be down 23 at halftime and I will exit the stadium with 10 minutes to go in the third quarter when the spread is surpassed.

Cheese Curds -10
I am committing a sin with this selection. Thou shall not pick teams that are disgusting and gross. The truth of the matter is that I need to start picking these Cage Picks right or my credibility as a wanna be Sports Blogger is going down a Lambeau Field bathroom sink. If you have been to Lambeau you know what I’m talking about.  What do you expect it’s Wisconsin <>

Pull Tab King

Nebraska – It won’t be 84-13, but it might be pretty close to that.

Vikings – I think they might shock the world.


Nebraska to cover

This Gopher team is terrible.  Only rivaled in town by the putridness of the Vikings.

Green Bay to cover
Will anyone pick the Vikings?

Les Steckle won 3 games his first year as head coach, Leslie Frazier will probably win fewer games than that in his one and only year. I have so many questions surrounding about this team, but here are a few.

1.  How could Leslie Frazier be so wrong about the Vikings being competitive?
2.  Why did Leslie Frazier end the Tampa Bay game with 3 timeouts?
3.  What did Leslie Frazier see on tape of Donovan McNabb the last 2 years to make coach Frazier want to sign him.

Bottom line is this Vikings team needs to get rid of Frazier as soon as possible and enter a rebuilding phase.  Adrian Peterson is going to get old, fast and the Vikings Front Office led by the bumbling Rick Speilman will have wasted his career.

Agent Deuce

I’ll take Nebraska with the huge points.  I think this one could be over by halftime, and Nebraska comes in with something to prove on national TV after losing to Wisconsin.  Minnesota is running a terrible offensive scheme that doesn’t allow their best players to make plays.  The Spread Read Option offense won’t work here.

I’ll take the Vikings to cover.  9 points is alot in the NFL.  This is a rivalry game.  I know Dirty Niner said the Packers don’t care, their rival is with the Bears.  I couldn’t disagree more.  I traveled to Lambeau, and yes saw with Henny G Legs people peeing in the sinks, and the Packer fans take the Vikings games as pure rivalry.  I think Ponder will give this team a huge boost.  Plus, I think the offensive game plan becomes easier.  It’s going to be Adrian Peterson and a ton of play action versus a poor Packers defense.

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  1. Dirty Niner says:

    Correction. Dirty Niner did not say it was not a rivalry. It’s just not Green Bay’s biggest rivalry.

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