by Henny G-Legs

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Minnesota Golden Gopher’s basketball is back. Starting practice this past weekend with the hopes of erasing the horrible memory of their second half of last season calapse. A team in the first half of the season that looked destined for a high NCAA Tournament bid with key wins against Wofford, Siena, West Virginia, and this hurts me more than anything to say but UNC. Those hopes fell when their then starting point guard Al Nolen did. The Gopher’s point guard position may still not be filled but Trevor Mbakwe comes back and he looks much improved. He led the Big Ten in rebounding last season and I see no one getting in his way this season either. Mbakwe looked amazing playing for the USA’s World University Team this past summer. Hopefully he can bring back some of his work habits and instill them in his very young team. I don’t see the Gopher’s winning the Big Ten but an NCAA Tournament appearance shouldn’t be out of reach.



While the Gopher’s team is underway we wait for the Timberwolves to get up and running. The NBA lockout is disappointing on many levels but for a Wolves fan it’s heartbreaking. It’s not heartbreaking because I believe it’s their year to make a run at the Western Conference playoffs but that they have so much intrigue around them coming into this year. It’s the obvious things like how Ricky Rubio will transition, literally, into the NBA style of play? How will a young trio (Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, Derrick Williams) of forwards mesh together? Will the hiring of a quality veteran coach like Rick Adelman be the difference maker to turn this team in the right direction? So many questions about this team and it’s BAD that we have to wait and wait and wait to see the answers.



This weeks UGLY goes to none other then myself, Henny G-Legs. Not because I have a face only a mother could love or that my legs are long enough to touch sideline to sideline on a basketball court…it’s because I picked the Viking’s to go on the road and compete with the Chicago Bear’s. I need to be held accountable for such horrible homerism. Why in my right mind, if their is such a thing, would I at some point think the Viking’s would have been capable of going on the road and beating last seasons Division Champs or even come within 3 points of them? For punishment I have sentenced myself to a full week without indulging in a fine brew. Some of you may think this is to harsh or not harsh enough but I think it’s a fair punishment. What are your thoughts?

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4 Responses to Good…Bad…Ugly

  1. at least you can admit you picked a joke of a football team to win…..and a joke of a head coach to lead them.

  2. Lunde says:

    Too harsh, just supporting your team.

    • Maybe we should cheer them on for trying hard? Or, how about we salute them for standing up straight during the National Anthem.

      This football team is a Joke. The Head Coach is terrible. Couldnt coach his way out of a paper sack.

  3. Little Lefty says:

    No way the Gophers can make the big dance. And there are plenty of PF’s that can stop Mbakwe in the Big Ten alone: Jared Sullinger, Draymond Green, Indiana freshmen Cody Zeller, and Mike Brusewitz just to name a few.

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