Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/13 Edition

Your morning cup of links….


1 — Vikings.  Adrian Peterson.  “Peterson compared to games greatest“.  Already 66th all time rushing from Star Tribune.com

2 — Wild.  Nystrom traded.  “Nystrom happy to be out of town“.   Going to be a long year for the Wild from PioneerPress.com

3 — Gopher Football.  “Through the eyes of a former Gopher : Sean Hoffman on fortitude and identity” from Gopherhole.com.

4  — Gopher Hoops.  Friday night is their midnight madness, now labeled All Star Friday Night.  A sneak peak at this years team.  We will have articles on Gopher hoops coming up soon.

5 — Lynx.  “Five Things We Learned from WNBA Finals”.   Gotta love #1 from ESPN.com.

6 — MLB Playoffs.  Texas up 3-1.  Nelson Cruz does it again in the 11th.  Cards to take 2-1 lead in series. Bullpen coming up big.

7 — Video of the Day.

8 — Tweet of the Day.


@ProFootballTalk ProFootballTalk

Wilf on Vikings stadium: “Let’s get this project done”


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