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The easy pick is the Vikings with their first win of the year against the Arizona Cardinals but I’m going to ignore it. The Cardinals are not a very impressive football team and that’s just the facts. For back to back weeks and obviously for the last time of the year I’m going to give the GOOD to the Lynx. They did what we thought they would do and won the WNBA title for the first time. While disposing of the Atlanta Dream with three quick strokes of the broom and the Lynx showed dynasty potential and brought excitement to a state that lacks it in every other professional team. Seimone Augustus takes home the finals MVP award as the Lynx look to be the favorite again next season.  Congratulations on a great season and good luck to all of you in your overseas seasons.


I have to go Gophers football here. I realize that losing to an awful Purdue team 45-17 is UGLY but I’m saving that spot for a special someone. It’s safe to say this is the worst Gopher football team I have ever seen. There is nothing positive that can be or will be taken from this season. Coach Kill needs to spend his Saturdays recruiting for every position on the offensive and defensive side of the field. I get that the cupboard is empty but there is no fight, no passion, no strategy in these games. It’s safe to say the Gophers will not win a Big Ten game this year with their remaining games vs #14 Nebraska, vs Iowa, @ #23 Michigan St, vs #4 Wisconsin, @ Northwestern, vs #16 Illinois. All these games will be double digit spreads and look for Wisconsin to drop 80 points at TCF Bank Stadium. Seasons over chants started a month ago.


There is no doubt in my mind that Bernard Berrian is the UGLY for this week. Berrian decides that it wouldn’t be convenient for him to show up for two team meetings this week. Is he trying to make a statement here? You’re the worst receiver on a team with average to below average receivers. You have caught two passes this year…2! You’re lucky to be on the field at all. Coming into the season many thought you were going to have a breakout season. Not this guy. Peyton Manning couldn’t even make you look good. If you were open on every play for the past four years like you stated on twitter someone would have picked up on that by now. It actually wouldn’t surprise me if you were open. You’re the guy that gets picked last in backyard football and the other team doesn’t cover you because they know that there’s a 8% chance of you catching the ball. Then when the quarterback runs out of options and all he can do is just risk it and throw the ball your way knowing that it will most likely will be starting over with 2nd down and the tree to go. Guess what Berrian, at 8% you’re not catching that football and the mean kid in the neighborhood will probably pull your pants down at some point and everyone will laugh. Berrian your pants are down and I’m laughing.

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3 Responses to Good…Bad…Ugly

  1. J.A. says:

    As a huge Bernard Berrian fan, I am shocked and offended. B-Twice will come back to haunt us after he gets cut. Mark my words. Also he has excellent taste in footwear.

  2. smellyfarts says:

    B Twice is without a doubt the worst WR in Minnesota Vikings history how is he still in the NFL?

  3. We have an article breaking down the career of Bernard Berrian due out tomorrow or Thursday. It will have all you need to know on Mr Berrian. You can then decide from there where his career fits. Boom or bust?

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