Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/11 Edition

Your morning links….

1 — Lynx.  “Lynx’s Championship should give boost to women’s sports” by Star Tribune.  Hopefully they not only give boost, but they change this town from Loserville USA to Title Town.

2 — Vikings.  Plethora of links:

3 — MIAC.  D3 Football.  These guys don’t get enough coverage.  This one on Glenn Caruso, head coach at St Thomas.  He is putting up great numbers.  Energetic guy.  “My dad is the most amazing person I ever met” by Pioneer Press.

4 — NBA.  David Stern cancels first two weeks of the season from ESPN.  This doesn’t look good.

5 — MLB Playoffs.  Two big games last night.  Rangers up 2-0 on Cruz Slam in 11th.  Wow, what a blast.  First walkoff grandslam in playoff history.  In the other game, Pujols had 12 to the Brewers 3.  He is good.

6 — MNF.  The Lions defeated the Bears 21-10.  Too many flags in the first half.  MegaTron with big game.  Jahvid Best with 88 yard TD run.  Lions 5-0 on the season, and the Bears are starting to crumble.

7 — Video of the Day.  Nelson Cruz.  Walkoff.  Grandslam.

8 — Twitter of the Day.

Jerry Zgoda

@JerryZgoda Jerry Zgoda
Six canceled games will cost Michael Beasley — #Timberwolves‘ highest paid player at $6.26 million for next season — more than $458,000.
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