Vikings :: Handing out Game 5 Grades


By Agent Deuce

My grades for Vikings vs Cardinals, Game 5:

McNabb:  D.  He passes the game test, but barely.  He doesn’t completely fail because McNibbles had zero turnovers.  That being said, he had some incredibly easy throws end up at the feet of his receivers.  His official stats were 10 of 21 for 169 yards.  He did run one TD in from 4 yards out.   Still, McNabb isn’t getting the job done.  Today’s victory masked his very poor play.  Now the Vikings really can’t play Ponder until after the Bears and Packers games.  I would like to know what McNabb is doing that Ponder can’t do.  If Ponder can’t do it, then he isn’t a first round quarterback.

Peterson:  A.  All day.  Well, all first quarter it was the Adrian show on the Vikings offense.  The beneficiary of great field position, AP took full advantage.  122 yards and 3 TD’s.  Several times he just missed breaking big runs.  The Cardinals often had 8 men in the box, and it didn’t really matter.

Booker:  B.  Has Booker moved up the depth chart and moved past Toby Gerhart?  It seemed so on Sunday.  We’ll continue to watch this as the season progresses.  Booker returned a couple kicks, once bouncing it outside before being pushed out at the 26 and the other time taking it from deep in the end zone and not reaching the 15 yard line.  The double reverse run was well designed and Booker picked up 25 yards on the play.

Receivers:  C.  Beyond Aromashodu’s 60 yard catch, which was an 8 yard tunnel route that the Arizona defensive back fell down, there wasn’t a pass play longer than 15 yards.  The Cardinals played soft on the corners and were giving the short hooks.  McNabb missed several chances for bigger plays.  Not sure how much to blame on the receivers when the bal is at their feet.

Pash Rush:  A. Brian Robison had 2 sacks and Jared Allen had 1.5 sacks.  7 games in a row with atleast 1 sack now for Jared Allen.  He is really finding a groove.

Defense:  A.  Two picks for Sanford.  Asher Allen with another.  Great pash rush.  Held Larry Fitzgerald in check.

Special Teams:  B+.  Kluwe with great punting again, despite almost missing game with injury.  Great kick and punt team coverages.  Marcus Sherels with a nice punt return in the 1st quarter to set up Vikings first score.

Bernard Berrian:  F.  A new low for Berrian, the guy who thinks he is way better than he really is.  Rumor has it that he missed a meeting this week, and was left off the active roster today.  I fail to see why he just isn’t cut.

Time Management:  C.  I’m still trying to figure out what both teams were doing in the last two minutes of the 1st half.  The Cardinals called two timeouts after Viking first downs, and then the Vikings decided to go to the half with the ball near midfield and more than 20 seconds left on the clock on a 2nd down.

Coach Frazier:  A-.  Tip the cap.  His first win of 2011.  The first halves have been great, and the second halves have been all about holding on.  The Vikings finally held on — and again not incredibly impressive in the 2nd half but enough to convincingly win.  Let’s hope they can keep it going.  On the radio on the way home from the game, every player kept talking about how happy they are to get a win for Coach Frazier.  They gave him the game ball after the game.  Nice to see players rallying around him.

What’s your grades?

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3 Responses to Vikings :: Handing out Game 5 Grades

  1. Everything looks good for the most part. I would lower Fraziers grade to B. His team still lost the second half and this has been a glaring problem for this season’s Vikings. But much improved and hopefully better things to come from the Vikings and Coach Frazier with two conference foes @ Chicago and vs Green Bay coming up.

  2. Obviously there is a range for Frazier on this game. I’m ok with the A- to B+ range. Must give him some credit for great defensive game plan. Fitzgerald basically shut down. Dominant 1st quarter. Those two factors, plus the win give him at minimum a B+. I think clock management, the play of your qb, and a smaller slide in the second half are no doubt strikes against him.

  3. J.A. says:

    Vikings get an A. Great all around game and a blast to attend.

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