The Cage :: Writers Picks 10/8

Our writers pick from two games this week:

— The Gophers travel to Purdue and are 14 point underdogs.  Game preview found here.

— The Vikings host the Arizona Cardinals and the return of MN Legend Larry Fitzgerald.  The Vikings are 3 point favorites.  Game preview found here.

Our picks:

Agent Deuce (1-1)

I’ll take the Boilermakers in this game.  Purdue -14.  I do think there is a good chance the Gophers cover, but how can you trust them.  They are going to have one game where they pull everything off and they are in it with 2 minutes to go.  They won’t win that game, and it will be the final wind out of their sails for the season.  Just can’t trust the Gophers, and have to take Purdue.

I’ll take the Cardinals in the NFL Matchup.  Again, I just don’t see how you can trust the Vikings.  With Winfield out, and Kluwe not likely to play, those key injuries don’t help you trust the Vikings any more.   I expect the Cardinals to throw the ball on nearly every play.  This should be a field goal game, so I’ll take the points.  Cardinals +3.

Henny G Legs (0-2)

Because I’m an IDIOT!

Vikings -3
Because I’m an IDIOT!!

The Coach (1-1)

Gophers +14

I’ll take a huge, uneducated leap in the favor of Coach Kill this week.  The man has been beaten up and beaten down but the one thing we know about Coach besides that undeniable case of “Kansas Stubbornness” is that he, like Christina Aguilera, is a fighter! I don’t think the Maroon and Gold will get the win, but I do think that last week’s embarrassment will lead to a much more competitive effort in West Layfaette on Saturday.  I see the Boilermakers winning a back and forth shootout, 41-35.  Dare we say “moral victory” when referring to a loss at Purdue?  Yes, I’m afraid it’s that type of season.

Arizona to flat out win.  Arizona +3.

Coach Frasier’s inability to react in knee-jerk fashion to public scrutiny this week is very commendable.  But it will also result in more of the same.  This game looked like a favorable match up for the Vikes until yesterday.  Our Bend AND Break defensive secondary has been troublesome as well as a key to the 2nd half woes.  And that was while their best and the leagues most undervalued CB was healthy.  Now that Antoine Winfield has been ruled out, look for the Kevin Kolb led Kards to Krush some huge offensive numbers….and more importantly, to help Coach Frasier accept that this season is now in need of being in Rebuilding Mode, once and for all!

Thunder (1-1)

Gophers can’t be this bad can they?  They would be among the worst teams in al of D1 if they can’t cover this. Gophers +14.

Vikings will win and cover.  Leslie Frazier should immediately be fired if they lose.  This game should be loser proof. Vikings -3.

Dirty Niner (2-0)


I’ll roll with Purdue -14
I don’t think Coach Kill can right this ship.  2011 is a lost season and things are going to get really, really bad before they improve.  Give me Life, liberty, and Purdue -14 of happiness!


“We are in hell right now, gentlemen, believe me, and we can stay here and get the shit kicked out of us or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb out of hell. One inch, at a time.”

Well folks, after giving you both the right answers last week, I’m here telling you I expect the Vikings to stay in hell- falling deeper into purgatory, inch by inch…

Arizona lights up the Vikings secondary.  Arizona + the 3 points.

Melon (0-0)

Purdue -14 over Gophers

The Gophers are God awful. They are the most uninspired team I have seen play football. I wish I could bet my life savings on this game. I would be shocked if they covered on the road, especially if Gray doesn’t play.

Arizona +3 over Vikings

I am a Vikings season ticket holder and big time supporter. I spend thousands of dollars each year on tickets, booze, gear, etc. I truly hope I am wrong on this pick. I have a friend who has personally met Frazier and fell in love with his charisma and personality. He is a believer. Unfortunately, I think he is blinded by his genuine likeness of the guy. He can’t possibly support his awful decisions and leadership to this point in the season. I really hope we turn it around this week, but don’t see it happening.

Pull Tab King (1-1)

Purdue +14

Vikings -3





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