Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/7 Edition


Your morning links full of Lynx, Vikings, Gophers, High School Football, and MLB playoffs. Enjoy your Friday!

1 — Lynx.  “Lynx on the Brink of WNBA Title” from the Star Tribune.  Game 3 tonight in Atlanta.  Time to bring a title home to the Twin Cities.

2 — Vikings.  “Winfield’s hurt neck poses more defensive dilemmas” from the Star Tribune.  It’s one thing for Winfield to miss again, it’s another thing for us to be without our best corner back with Larry Fitzgerald coming to town.

3 — Gophers.  “Kill didn’t know what he was getting into with Gophers” by Doogie Wolfson of ESPN1500.com.  Quote of the article “Since the national championship in 1960, seven coaches have been let go. Only Lou Holtz, who was 11-12 in two seasons, left on his own accord.”

4 — Vikings.  “Vikings Running back Adrian Peterson stepping up as leader with 0-4 team” by Pioneer Press. Normally a quiet leader, maybe this 0-4 is making Peterson speak up.  Could be a good thing down the road.

5 — High School Football.  Eden Prairie fuels fire with goal line stand.  And Thursday Metro Prep Roundup.  And how about this?  100 years of football rivalry.  Pretty cool  “Blake pounds St. Paul Academy in 100 year anniversary game“.

6 — Tweet of the Day.


Do the dance! Papa Grande fans A-Rod to advance Tigers to ALCS … http://atmlb.com/romEcS #postseason



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