Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/6 Edition

Your morning 10 hot links.   We got Lynx, Gophers, Vikings, MLB Playoffs, Steve Jobs, and Frank Caliendo.  Enjoy….


1.  Lynx. In game 2 at Target Center, the Lynx won 101-95 to go up two games to none.  “Minnesota Lynx on threshold of WNBA Title” from the Pioneer Press.  Remember it is a 5 game series.  Game 3 Friday night in Atlanta.  Bring home the ‘ship!

2.  Gophers.  Game vs Purdue on Saturday.  “Protecting freshmen QB Max Shortell is Gophers’ Priority” from the Pioneer Press.  We talked about this in our Gophers 4 Down Segment.  Gophers need to get away from the spread offense where 5 receivers go out for a pass.  Instead, play action and max protect Max.

3. Vikings.  “Last nine drafts catching up to the Vikings O-Line” from the Star Tribune.  Some scary stats from this article.  The O-line is a mess right now.

4.  Local Legend.  Larry Fitz.  “There’s reason to dread the dreads” from the Star Tribune.  Fitz is not only the best receiver in the game, but one of it’s best role models.

5.  Cardinals.  Good preview of the Cardinals at the Vikings.com blog by Mike Wobschall.  Expect another nail biter at the end of the game.

6.   Vikings.  Vikings notebook from espn1500.com and Tom Pellisero.

7.  Steve Jobs.  The passing of Steve Jobs came yesterday.  Sad day.  Amazing innovator.  ESPN.com has a great article on him, “Steve Jobs had a major impact on the sports world“.  Good quick read with wonderful links.

8.  MLB Playoffs.  Cardinals and Diamondbacks both win to force a game 5.  Baseball playoffs always find a way of flaring up the dramatic.

9.  Video of the Day.  If you missed it, the Cold Hard Picks on Fox Sunday NFL Pregame show.  The best one yet, Frank Caliendo is amazing.  “how do you say trrible in spanish?”  “Ochocinco”.

10.  Tweet of the Day.


@tweetizen Tweetizen.com
3 Stories From Steve Jobs’s Life http://awe.sm/5WYXq #thisisawesome
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