by Henny G-Legs



GOOD…Minnesota Lynx

These ladies can flat out play. They have everything a championship team would desire. The Lynx have their three stars in Lindsay Whalen, Seimone Augustas, and rookie Maya Moore along with a great supporting cast in Rebekkah Brunson, Candice Wiggins, and Taj McWilliams-Franklin. Unlike the Miami Heat the Lynx proved they could close in the fourth quarter by outscoring the Atlanta Dream 26-12 at home. If the Lynx can get another home win on Wednesday they will be one game away from Minnesota’s first title since the Twins 1991 World Series win. Lynx are the GOOD today but two more wins and they will be GREAT.


BAD…Minnesota Vikings

Well the Vikings are 0-4. To add to the frustration they didn’t even have a good first half to give us homer’s a tiny bit of hope for a turnaround. The Vikings are done and have nothing to look forward to for the rest of the football season. The only goal at this point is to win at least one game so we won’t be tying any records. I see maybe three wins the rest of the season (Arizona, Denver, and a steal from Oakland). Don’t be surprised if the Vikings lose on Sunday to find them as the UGLY next week.


UGLY…Minnesota Golden Gophers

Losing 58-0 to anyone is a sin. Especially when this guy stuck his neck out for them and said they would PUSH the Vegas line. This team has little to no talent and is a complete rebuilding process which means we most likely won’t have a competitive Gopher team for a couple of years. It’s not like they’re missing a couple of pieces here or there it’s all over the field. Good luck Coach Kill because it’s extremely UGLY right now.

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