Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/5 Edition


Your 10 morning links on everything sports, mostly MN sports.  Lynx, Gophers, Vikings and more.

1 — Lynx.  Game 2 tonight.  Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune writes “Lynx give suffering fans atleast 23 reasons to cheer“.  Reasons 1, 18, and 23 were my favorite.  Good luck tonight Lynx!

2 —  Gophers.  “Gophers Coach Jerry Kill questions his players’ toughness” by Marcus Fuller of the Pioneer Press.  Definitely a divide happening on that team, the question is if that is a good thing or not.

3 —  Vikings.  Frazier gets a sit down with legend coach Bud Grant, who started 0-4 in his career.  Take note at the end of the article of some legendary coaches who got off to bad starts.  This has been a terrible start, but lets hope a better picture is painted at the end of the year.  “Lessons from a legend boost Frazier” by Mark Craig of the Star Tribune.

4 —  Vikings.  Fran Tarkenton.  From Bob Sansevere and the Pioneer Press “Fran Tarkenton says Vikings need to see what they have in Ponder, and soon“.  Tarkenton is big into saying controversial things, mostly in politics, just to stir the pot.  Not alot of substance behind them.  This might be the first time I agree with him.

5 —  Gophers.  From KSTP, they cover the Kill presser from yesterday.  Video and quotes.  “Kill cites progress, patience despite on field woes“.

6 — NBA.  Preseason Cancelled.  First weeks of season in jeopardy.  “NBA to cancel games if no deal by Monday“.  I think we might be missing the whole season here.   Shame, because the NBA just came off its best post season in a long time.

7 — MLB.  Playoffs.  Yankees roll 10-1 to force game 5.  Granderson with 2 spectacular catches.  AJ Burnett with a surprise performance.  Rangers knock off Rays, advance to ALCS.  Adrian Beltre smashes three home runs.  Phillies go up 2-1 over the Cardinals behind Ben Francisco’s blast, labeled as an improbable pinch hit home run. Diamondbacks rout the Brewers to stay alive for another day.  Paul Goldschmidt, a rookie, jacked a grand slam.

8 — Grantland.  Hilarious story between Jay Kang and Bill Simmons as they write “We Need a Renegade Basketball League“.  Best quote of the article “The Atlanta Waffle Houses would have the best uniforms”.

9 — Video of the Day.  I love DJ Porter.  This guy takes video clips and turns them into songs.  This time he takes my favorite comedian of all time, George Carlin, and makes a song into it called the “Carlin Step”.



10 — Tweet of the Day.


This is the first time since 2003 that there have not been any sweeps in the Division Series. #postseason


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