Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/3 Edition

1 — Lynx.  15,000 fans.  1 big 4th quarter.   Win 88-74.  From the USA Today “Lynx blow open Game 1 in 4th quarter.  Game 2 is Wednesday 7pm.

2 — Vikings. Frustrating game.  More frustrating season.  They lose to the win-less Chiefs and call to 0-4 to start the season.  From Kare 11 “Vikings remain winless after 22-17 loss to Chiefs”.

3 — Vikings fallout.  Good article by Tom Pelissero of espn1500.com “Frazier’s mistake was believing these Vikings could be good“.  Many of us fell for it too, Tom.  0-4 simply proves we were wrong.

4 — Vikings QB situation.  Jeremy Fowler of the Pioneer Press asks the question we are all thinking, “How much longer until Christian Ponder time?“.  I’m not sure what Ponder could do worse than go 0-4.  Might as well give him a shot and see what he has.

5 — 2012.  It gets to the point where you almost want the Vikings to look to 2012 and Suck for Luck.  Vikings “win” the first Andrew Luck elimination game” from ProFootballTalk.com

6 —  Gophers.  And now we are hearing a number of players are having struggles academically.  Could the blowouts get worse?  From the Star Tribune “Kill maintaining perspective after lopsided loss“.

7 — MIAC Football.  In local college football, St Thomas hadn’t beaten St Johns in St Paul since 1992.  Then on Saturday they blew them out, “St Johns routs St Thomas 63-7“.

8 —  Stat of the Day.  Gophers.  The 58-0 beatdown is tied for the second-worst shutout loss in Minnesota history. In 1991, the Gophers lost 58-0 to Colorado. Oklahoma handed Minnesota its worst loss, 63-0, in 1986.

9 —  Video of the Day.   From TheVikingsWorldProductions, how about a little Christian Ponder highlights to survive the terrible Vikings weekend.

10 — Tweet of the Day.


@Deadspin Deadspin
Let’s Watch Marion Barber Land A Celebratory Back Flip With His Face deadspin.com/5845928/
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3 Responses to Dunkin’ Deuces :: 10/3 Edition

  1. How could you fall for the Vikings being good? Can you say Homer?

    You win in the NFL passing and stopping the pass, the Vikings do neither. Plus, the coach is TERRIBLE!

  2. I admit it. Complete homer with the Vikings. You are correct LF.

  3. Thanks. So, now you have them going 12-4 instead of 16-0?

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