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This weekend, we have two games with lines attached locally.  The Gophers head to Ann Arbor to take on Michigan.  Michigan is favored by 20 pts.   The Vikings head down to Kansas City for a noon game between two 0-3 teams.  The Vikings are favored by 1.5 points.

Agent Deuce

Gophers  vs Michigan -20

I think this game is going to ride the line for most of the game.  Michigan gets up early and holds on to a 17 to 20 pt lead.  Things will get interesting at the end for the betters, but not for the Gophers fans.  No Gray, no Staudimire, and no chance.

Vikings -1.5 @ Chiefs

Fun stats.  The Vikings have lead for more minutes in the first three weeks than other tema in the NFL.  The Chiefs have lead for the least amount (1 minute).  I think the Vikings get up quick, and again collapse in the second half.  This time, the Chiefs blow the game with a chance to win at the end.  I’ll take the Vikings in basically a pick ‘em game.

Henny G Legs

Gophers @ Michigan PUSH
Michigan is going to take the Gophers very lightly as they should. Denard Robinson will run wild and Gophers will do all they can to try and stay in the game. Michigan up 27 with about 3 minutes to go and Gophers get a third string defense vs their number ones and score a touchdown with an extra point to make this game a Push.

Vikings -1.5 @ Chiefs
Chiefs are 28th against the run and all Frazier and Musgrave have been hearing the past couple of weeks is give the ball to Adrian Peterson. So expect more touches from the leagues best running back and call from his Dad still asking for more.


Michigan -20:
Max Shortell is not ready for the Big House, or for Division I college football in general.  He appears to be running for his life, can’t hit his receivers unless they are standing still, and has less of a grasp of the offense than Marqueise Gray.  Gray’s athleticism may help against the Wolverines, but if he can’t go I’m thinking it will get real ugly, real fast.  Bam!

As bad as the Chiefs have been, they are tough in KC.  I’ll take the points, and watch the turnover battle (there are sure to be some).  Could this be the Andrew Luck Bowl?  Winner loses the prize!


Gophers to Cover

Chiefs to Cover
Vikings absolutely suck.  Terrible front office, TERRIBLE coach, probably to worst in the league and terrible qbs.  Ponder is going to suck worse than Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger, Brad Johnson…..

The Coach

Michigan -20:

Like stealing candy from from Grandma’s living room dish at 10:30 in the evening when she’s been fast asleep for 2 hours already.

Forget the offensive questions and supposed QB controversy for a minute and look at the defensive side of the ball. Denard Robinson is like nothing the Road Kill Gophers have seen. And they let lesser men walk up and down the field consistently.   The Big House and the Gophers porous defense is a bad combo. I just hope Max doesn’t Shortell in his pants during the first offensive possession of the game.

Vikings to cover and win:

Call me nuts…..but this is do or die time and I think the Vikes will provide what the Gophers will not – Defensive presence. This is going to be ugly on both sides and yes, for both halves but I think that favors the Purple. AD gets 32 carries and Jared gets 2.69 sacks in his homecoming (because his contract states that everything he does has to end in .69).

Vikes 19, Chefs 13


Pull Tab King

Michigan -20

Vikings -1.5

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4 Responses to The Cage :: Writers Picks

  1. Minnesota Football Teams Suck! You guys are the biggest Viking homers….

  2. While i have no problem being called a homer…..however, 90% of the betting public is on the Vikings for this game (over 12,000 bets on this game just on spread).

    Something in the water down near Rochester where you live? You seem angry. But keep the comments coming…

  3. Oh My God, the Vikings suck.

    If we lose to Arizona next week we may not win a game all year.

    Frazier is a TERRIBLE COACH. What the hell is wrong with people, cant you see that!

    And, you are all Homers. Will you ever pick against the Vikings?

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