Dunkin’ Deuces :: 9/30 Edition

Top 7 Links for the morning of Friday, September 30th for Minnesota Sports and Beyond:


1 –Gophers. “Decision on Gray Hasn’t Been Made Yet”.  Injured toe may keep him out.  Interesting how Kill says he doesn’t want to rush anyone back, and yet he is rushing himself back.

2 — Vikings. From Judd Zulgad of espn1500.com:   “Offensive coordinator pleased with Bernard Berrian’s play”.  Berrian has 1 catch for 17 yards.  I’m hoping this is just coach talk, trying to talk up players, but this offensive coordinator is starting to show he is in over his head with this team.  In 3 games, lined up as your #1 receiver, you can’t have 1 catch for 17 yards.

3 — Twins.  Tom Powers form the Pioneer Press writes “Twins need to run a tighter ship next season“.   Mr Powers makes a few great points, with possibly the best point with “the Twins have created a culture in which it is OK not to play at less than 100 percent.”

4 — Kelly Lund.  Great article on female high school assistant football coach by Jim Paulsen of Star Tribune and Minnesota Football Hub.  “She’s already become the toughest coach I have” said head coach Ben Geisler.

5 –Baseball Playoffs.  Start tonight.  Rays at Rangers, and Tigers and Yankees.  Could you ask for a better pitching matchup than Verlander vs Sabathia tonight?  Here’s a good article on the season that was from ESPN, and the offense that wasn’t.  And we thought the Twins were the only ones struggling to score.

6 –Video Clip of the Day.  Mayne Event from ’09 Super Bowl.  Great video of Wes Welker and Jared Allen.  “Dude, I’m rocking America”.

7 — Tweet of the Day.  From the Can’t Make this Up department :


@Deadspin Deadspin

JV Football Coach Suspended For Making Players Lay On Graves To Learn About Persistence And Rebirth http://deadspin.com/5845286/

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2 Responses to Dunkin’ Deuces :: 9/30 Edition

  1. Where is any info about the Wild! This is the State of HOCKEY!!!

  2. I don’t like hockey very much. Never have. I believe the State of Hockey bit is brilliant marketing, but a farce in general.

    I would, however, like this blog to cover more hockey. I need to find a writer interested in doing so. I haven’t yet. I’m not going to be the one doing it.

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