Dunkin’ Deuces :: 9/29 Edition


Dunkin’ Deuces.  10 quick morning links gathered for the best in local sports news.

1 — John Gordon.  His last call as Twins Announcer.  Worth a listen.  Gordo you will be missed.  KSTP video here. 

2 — 99 Losses.  Twins win in finale, keeping loss total at 99.  Patrick Ruesse of the Star Tribune totals up the losses in his article “Final Score in Twins Blame Game: 99 Loses Means Many Had a Role”.

3 — Baseball’s final day of regular season. The Red Sox choked and the Rays brilliantly came from behind in walk-off fashion to make the AL playoffs.  In the NL, Atlanta collapsed and the Cardinals complete an incredible run to make the playoffs behind the hot bat of Nicky Punto — the guy the Twins didn’t want.

4 –Jared Allen.  Kevin Seifert of ESPN writes in his blog about one of the best trades in Vikings history.  “No Disputing value of Jared Allen Trade”. 

5 — The Lynx.  Huge congrats to the staff behind the Lynx.  The Lynx have sold out the lower bowl of the Target Center for Game 1 of the WNBA Finals.  Good luck ladies!  Bring home the ‘Ship to Minnesota and get this thing called winning going again.

6 —  Gopher Football.  The Gophers travel to the Big House of Michigan on Saturday for their first Big 10 game of the year.  Michael Rothstein of ESPN writes “Trophy game with Minnesota too lopsided to hold luster it had from 1920 to 1940”.

7 —  Timberwolves.  Rick Adelman says “I wanted to coach one more time” in blog by Jerry Zgoda, Wolves Beat Writer for Star Tribune.

8 —  Adrian Peterson.  Missing part of practice yesterday doesn’t seem like much of a concern.  Tom Pelissero of ESPN1500 writes “Adrian Peterson downplays sore calf; Musgrave vows to feed him”.  4th and 1, give it to Toby!!!  Already done that?  Ooops.

9 —  Video clip of the Day.

10 — Tweet of the Day.

Joe Maddon

@RaysJoeMaddon Joe Maddon
Can’t express enough gratitude to Buck and the Os for their incredible professionalism. We don’t do this without their respect for the game.
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3 Responses to Dunkin’ Deuces :: 9/29 Edition

  1. Where is the article about how crappy the Gophers are. This blog should be called Loserville USA!

  2. Agent Deuce says:

    That would be under #6. Look above again. It’s after 5 and before 7.

  3. The Kevin Seifert article you posted is great.

    “no disputing the trade was one of the best in vikings history”
    Yeah, we have an awesome DE and an 0-3 football team….maybe we can get a star Waterboy too to keep our players hydrated. He would probably help us win more games that Mr. plays awesome in losses.

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