Loserville USA :: Can Lynx get us going?


Oldest WNBA Player in the League

If I would have told you that a 40 year old would lead one of our professional sports teams to the championship, your only logical guess would have been Brett Favre. Meet Taj McWilliams-Franklin.

Taj, and the other members of the Lynx, are doing something that hasn’t been done in the Twin Cities area since 1991 — represent the area in a championship series for the title.  1991!  Remember when Kirby Puckett put the team on his back and Jack Morris pitched the greatest game 7 of all time?

Minnesota Vikings:  1969

Minnesota Twins:  1991

Minnesota Timberwolves: Never.

Minnesota Wild:  Never.

Minnesota North Stars: 1991


The Lynx open Minnesota’s first run at a ‘Ship since 1991.  Let’s hope they get it going and start turning Loserville USA around.  Someone has to start it, and maybe it makes sense that its the Lynx.

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