I Have the Vikings Solution

I Have The Vikings Solution…

We have all noticed that the Vikings are having a ton of trouble getting the ball down-field in their first two games. Bernard Berrian as we can all see is not the answer. He’s a small target with average at best speed and hands of a linebacker. Mike Jenkins does have the size and quality hands but lacks the outside speed for a legitimate threat on the sidelines. Percy Harvin has all the tools of a great receiver just missing the size and separation ability down-field. Plus he might be the best slot guy in the league and no way the Vikings move him.

These guys can’t get the job done, obviously. My solution is their second round pick in the 2011 draft Kyle Rudolph. I truly believe this guy is the Vikings down-field option. Good speed, great hands, runs precise routes and I would also like to add he’s 6’6” 260lbs. There’s no linebacker or safety in the league that can match-up with him. He’s caught one pass for fifteen yards in two games. How can you not throw a seam route to this large target at least once a game? Throw it up to him and let him go get it. I like my chances of completion or even a spot foul with a pass interference. He consistently made horrible quarterbacks at Notre Dame look good.

I repeatedly see him in the two tight end sets but he’s usually staying in and blocking. I realize Visanthe Shiancoe is not on this team to block and he was targeted seven times with three catches against the Buccaneers for an average of nine yards. His long catch was for fifteen yards but I want routes that lead to 30+ yards in the air. I’m not sure the Viking’s offensive line can block long enough for Shiancoe to get down the field.  I’m not trying to make the case that Shiancoe needs to be replaced as the go to tight end yet but Rudolph should be an option in this offense. I believe he should be our downtown deep route guy.

Vikings need to add some excitement in their passing game that’s not a one yard slant to Harvin were he slices and dices for an 8 yard gain. I can hear it now as Paul Allen, Vikings radio announcer and talk show host, screams “Big bad tight end Kyle Rudolph pulls down a 45 yard dart from Donovan McNabb to put the Vikings ahead of the Motor City Kitties 24-17.” Vikings make it happen!

Author:  Henny G Legs

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2 Responses to I Have the Vikings Solution

  1. bieberdueces says:

    We have been trying to replace the Freak since he first ran over a meter maid and left. Squandered high draft picks, big money on free agents, even tried to replace the Freak with the Older Freak. We need some speed…………. Can we ask Cris Carter to do a reality tv show where the best one gets a team tryout? worked for the cowgirls and Jesse Holley with their overtime victory against the 49ers.

    but seriously we need a madden 99 speed guy in to help AP out before he dies carrying the ball against 9 man boxes

    • Henny G-Legs says:

      I’m on board with this reality TV idea. Cris Carter would make an amazing host too. Instead of getting nobodies to tryout can we get elite guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Brandon Marshall, Kenny Britt and AJ Green. Winner of “Carter’s Catcher’s” would terminate any existing deal with another team and get an automatic $40 mil guaranteed and long term deal with the Viking’s.
      One problem…where do we film? Metrodome, sorry Mall of America Field is awful. At least Michael Irvin got to use the dream field in Dallas. Wonder if Wayzata High School is available??

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