Letter to Coach Kill

By Henny G Legs

Letter to…Coach Kill


Dear Coach Kill,


First and foremost we are glad that it looks like you are ok from your recent health scare during the last game.  You had the crowd absolutely silent as he hoped you were ok.  Now that the situation is under control and you seem ok, let’s get back to Golden Gopher Football.


Now, Coach Kill this is NOT a posting meant to disrespect. I’ll be honest I really have zero idea how you coach. All I know is that you came to TCF Bank Stadium last year and put a whupping on our Golden Gopher football team. Really not the greatest feat in the world but none-the-less you did it.

Under Brewster, the Cheerleaders gave more effort

I was impressed by how you did it. You had your N Illinois team ready for war and they played like it from start to finish. That’s the type of thing that really catches not only mine but my Dad’s, season ticket holder going on 11 years, eyes. When it comes to college football my Dad and I couldn’t agree more. We want our teams to go hard all game long, no matter the score.


Brewster left program in bad shape

Brewster struggled with this from day one. I’d go as far as saying Coach Brewster couldn’t motivate, period. It showed on the field. His team’s disinterest after the first kickoff was very noticeable. It’s easy to get kids excited before a game. They can hear the roar of the crowd, they enjoy running out the tunnel in fresh new jersey’s and everyone yelling the fight song. It’s what you say when you fall behind 10-0. It’s how a team responds when a bad call is made. Brewster’s teams folded.


Turn this around Coach!

Coach Kill this can’t be you and your new team. You’re not new to this and you’ve been successful before. You need to bring your attitude and instill it in your players. I’m not going to tell you that you need to make sure you get the top MN prep kids to commit, though it’s always great seeing MN prep players succeed at any level. Trust me you bring in kids that are good students and citizens we as Minnesotans will adopt them as our own. You do things your way and bring this program back to were MN football fans can pack the stadium knowing they’re going to see Coach Kill’s Golden Gophers represent our University to it’s finest. As a true fan, this is not about wins and loses this year, really young team I’m going to give ya a break. This is about making a statement that Golden Gopher football is on its way.


Just would like to add that destroying Wisconsin’s Big Ten title dreams would be nice so if you guys could win that one I’d really appreciate it.


Thanks from Me and my Dad.

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3 Responses to Letter to Coach Kill

  1. Q Tip says:

    I hope the team rallies around their coach this week. Show some passion and win one for the Gipper!

  2. Brien Geerdes says:

    I saw this kind of attitude on the display in the USC game. Despite being completely overmatched from a talent standpoint, our Golden Football Gophers had a realistic chance in that game by hanging tough and fighting on both sides of the ball! Versus NMSU, it was a complete letdown and the opposite in every way possible. Ski-U-Mah!

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