Vikings Prediction Segment

by Agent Deuce

It is hard to not be excited for the Vikings game today.  I have several friends who made the journey out to San Diego for the opener.  They have been doing Chad Greenway ninja kicks through all the bars tearing up SD.

The last time the Vikings played the Chargers it looked something like this

While the Vikings game plan might be more of Adrian, certainly we can’t expect that type of performance again — can we?  No, but boy would that be fun. AP is going to bust one big one, McNabb needs to be protected and he’ll get you 1.  Then our defense or specials needs one big play.  I think that is going to be the formula for the year.  Can we slow down Phillip Rivers and the Chargers who traditionally get off to a slow start?

I’m going with Minnesota Vikings 21, San Diego Chargers 24.  Hoping for different.

Check out this great Madden ’12 Vikings and Chargers simulation.  21-13 Vikings prediction from Madden and the good folks at

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